Welcome to the Hucote & Salford Parish Highways Section


This section is to help you to report any problems concerning the roads in our villages directly on to the Central Bedfordshire system.

It enables you to report any problems you encounter with Potholes, Street Lighting, and any other issues you may have, such as kerbs and verges.


This system is simple to use:


Firstly, Click on this link www.cb-report-it.co.uk


You will now see a screen headed, Report a Highway Problem.


Here you will see 6 Sections,

Potholes, Street Lighting, Any other Problems, Track It, H Bar, Dropped Kerb


Select the Section you need by clicking on it, eg, Potholes.

Click on the yellow Okay button,

Enter the postcode or Street name

Then click Search

Then on the map locate the position of the pothole

Click Next

Follow the Instructions on the screen until you get to

Summary of Report

Add your Details and Submit Report


You will be given a reference number which will also be emailed to you and you will be able to track the progress by clicking on the above link and selecting Track It.


If you have any problems, please contact the Parish Council


Thank you, your assistance in keeping our roads safe is invaluable